MARCH 2016

Johanna Vuoksenmaa is filming new TV series. LIVING WITH MY EX is a warm, comical and very current drama-comedy series about five recently divorced families living in a same apartment building, designed especially for them. The new architectural innovation enables divorced families with children to continue living together, but with a promise of privacy for each parent. As good as it sounds, this rational and economical solution doesn’t however make the people any smarter or more mature…



The company’s first children’s film “Tatu & Patu” – based on a hugely popular Finnish book series – completed filming in February. The film will premiere in October 2016 in Finland.

Tatu and Patu is a comedy based on the best selling Finnish children’s book series. Tatu and Patu are clever brothers form Odsville, where things are usually done a bit differently. In the movie, Tatu and Patu are invited to the big city to experience the Christmas time with their best friend, Veera.

Things get complicated when Veera is late from the railway station and the boys enter the city on their own. What follows is an adventure full of nutty incidents, as the friends try to find each other!


MAY 2013

21 WAYS TO RUIN A MARRIAGE, the Finnish romantic comedy by Johanna Vuoksenmaa that has been an incredible box office succss in its home territory has been selected for the Shanghai International Film Festival 2013!


MAY 2013

21 WAYS TO RUIN A MARRIAGE screenings in Cannes 2013!