Dionysos Films



This optimistic drama takes place one spring, when one family’s secrets come into the open. Members of four generations wrestle with very concrete, everyday problems.

Risto and Tuulikki are approaching retirement age and suddenly find they have to deal with their own relationship, when time spent together seems to lead only to malicious remarks and misunderstandings.

Aleksi, their son, is on the face of things a happy man. He is married with his beloved Ilona, but the relationship is overshadowed by Aleksi’s gambling addiction, the massive scale of which has so far remained hidden from everyone except himself.

Ilona feels inadequate as a mother when her teenage son tests how far he can take his antisocial behaviour. The situation doesn’t get any easier for Ilona with Niko’s father, Pekka and his new wife.

Risto’s mother, Hanna, has lived all her life with Kerttu. Aware that her own death is approaching, she decides that before the end she must come clean about the skeletons in her closet.

“Hideaway” is a ode to love in its many different guises. It builds faith out of crises and especially people’s survival of them, showing that strength and affection is a most effective combination when it comes to managing human relationships.