Dionysos Films

One Foot Under

Köpiksen jäätelöhetki


Visa Vuorio is in the middle of a crisis in his personal life. He is also mortally sick. By profession Visa is a gardener and before he “passes” he wants to create the garden of his dreams. HANNA Manninen is a journalist who wants to do a series of stories on the last wishes of the dying man. While achieving his last wish with Hanna’s help, Visa realizes that he has found the love of his life, but all too late.

Visa is invited to the hospital. Instead of bad news, he hears that he is not sick after all. His test results had got mixed up with someone else’s. Visa is overjoyed but the people around him have difficulties to accept the new situation. HARRI, who is in love with Riia (Visa’s partner), would very much like to look after the widow-to-be even before she is widowed. Is Hanna willing to love a man who is not dying, but only a normal mortal?

One Foot Under is a tear-jerking romantic comedy about the limited nature of our time on earth. Focusing on mortality the film reminds us to rejoice in life. As Visa says: Isn’t life too short anyway – it’s over in the snap of a finger and leaves you with the question: Did I make the right choices? Did I choose the right person to love?

1 h 20 min, comedy

Tobias Zilliacus, Helena Vierikko, Susanna Mikkonen, Jarkko Pajunen, Tuomas Rinta-Panttila

directed by Johanna Vuoksenmaa
written by Mika Ripatti and Seppo Vesiluoma
producer Riina Hyytiä
dop Peter Flickenberg
edited by Kimmo Kohtamäki
sound Tuomas Klaavo and Mikko Mäkelä
music Kerkko Koskinen
production designer Christer Andersson
costume designer Niina Pasanen
make-up artist Hannele Herttua