Dionysos Films

Click Me, season 1


ClLICK ME is a comedy-drama serial about divorced and single people seeking a partner in the world of online dating.

The protagonist is 41-year-old ELLA who has three children with two different fathers. Ella works as an interior designer and is so busy with her job and family that she has no time to meet new people, much less fall in love with them. As per her friends suggestion she creates an online dating profile and starts meeting men of the most various types.

CLICK ME leads Ella to crushes, love and disappointments and to wonder about the complicated world of relationships and, on the other hand, the bliss of every-day family life of her friends.

The structure of the episodes is a central part of the CLICK ME concept. In every episode Ella will meet a new online date. In addition, the main storyline tells more about Ella and her best friends TIIA and INARI. Most often, the main storyline offers drama and the episode stories comedy; the main storyline offers emotions and the episode stories, action.

CLICK ME is also a story about the very solid friendship between women, solidarity that knows almost no boundaries and the sharing of the deepest secrets comprise some of the most important content of the main storyline.

12 x 43 min drama series

Minttu Mustakallio, Pirjo Lonka, Minna Suuronen

directed and written by Johanna Vuoksenmaa
producer  Riina Hyytiä
dop Jan Nyman
editor Harri Ylönen
sound designers Mikko Mäkelä and Tuomas Klaavo
music Janne Haavisto
production designer Christer Andersson
costume designer Niina Pasanen
make-up artist Hannele Herttua
line producer Leena Mäenpää-Bentley